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PMA Parts Manufacture Approval

Alaskan Aircraft Engines, Inc offers a number of FAA approved PMA parts. We are also glad to announce that Aviall has agreed to be a distributor of our small line of PMA parts. Parts can be purchased directly from Alaskan Aircraft Engines, Inc or through Aviall (, whichever is more convenient.


AAE7977 Shim
This shim is a necessity when the old style starter adapter part number 635050-A is being used in conjunction with the current production crankshaft gear part number 657175 on the large bore sand cast Continental engines. See Continental SB 08-12 crank gear replacement for more information.

You can also take a look at our Installation Guide for information about how to install this shim. Starter Adapter Shim Installation (PDF)

AAE13347 Pulley
This pulley is a direct replacement part for the Lycoming LW13347. This is not a high volume item, but it is a high dollar item that we are able to offer at a cost savings to you and your customers.
AAE652129 Rocker Arm Bushing (coming soon)
This rocker arm bushing will work with both the old-style, non-grooved rocker arm and the current-production, grooved rocker arm. Most commonly used on 470, 520, and 550 series engines.
AAE530658 Connecting Rod Bushing (coming soon)
This bushing is a direct replacement for the OEM 530658 connecting rod bushing. This bushing is manufactured to the correct press-fit tolerances specified in overhaul manuals allowing for a much tighter fit in the connecting rod resulting in fewer connecting rod rejections as a result of loose bushings.


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